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Businesses and investors know how imperative it is to seek the trusted counsel of a skilled New York business law attorney who can obtain the most efficient and effective resolution to any issue they face. Under the direction of Annie Causey, our team of attorneys at Woods Lonergan PLLC assists companies of all sizes across disparate industries (such as restaurants, hotel and hospitality, etc) to meet their goals in the courtroom and the boardroom.

Types of Business Law That We Handle

Litigation We handle all types of business injuries across a wide array of varying interests and we do so aggressively and strategically, with the client’s goals leading the way.

Joint Venture, Shareholder & Partnership Disputes – often involving claims of misappropriation, fiduciary breaches, fraud, and other misconduct, these disputes generally result in one or more members, partners, or shareholders commencing an action for the judicial dissolution of the shared entity or seeking to hold the entity and/or other persons with a legal or beneficial interest in the company liable. We are experts at prosecuting and defending disputes that arise between and among shareholders in close corporations, partners in general and limited partnerships, and members in limited liability companies.

Directors & Officers Liability – most often brought against officers and directors for wrongdoing related to their corporate duties, these claims include breach of fiduciary duty, usurpation of corporate opportunities, and waste of corporate assets. Although corporate offices and directors have broad discretion to act on behalf of the corporation or LLC, certain conduct may expose them to personal liability. The corporate and business lawyers at Woods Lonergan PLLC are versed in the duties of officers and directors, the claims that may be asserted against them, and their defenses and rights with respect to such claims.

Tortious Interference – tortious interference with contract and tortious interference with economic relations are distinct contract-related torts in New York. The first protects your interests from another’s interference in existing contracts, while the latter ensures your economic interests are shielded from interference in prospective business relationships. Tortious interference claims tend to arise in large-scale multi-party contracts, though they also arise in a variety of other contexts.

Business Fraud – fraud surfaces in countless contexts and claims may take several forms, including legal, equitable, negligent, and constructive fraud. The claim is a serious one and it carries the potential for punitive damages and non-monetary remedies. Fraud claims are typically defeated where a party is unable to state with particularity the conduct constituting the fraud. Woods Lonergan PLLC has successfully represented clients on both sides of a fraud allegation, and understands the dedication and pursuit required to prove and defeat fraud claims.

Breach of Contract – the key to prosecuting or defending any contract claim is to retain a skilled business contract attorney at the first sign of a breach. Litigating contract claims often implicates the basic elements of contract formation, major principles of contract interpretation, grounds for challenging a contract’s enforcement, and the nature and scope of permissible remedies (including rescission, reformation, and contract damages). Though most parties reduce their agreement to writing, sometimes contract litigation involves oral and implied-in-fact contracts, which are tedious disputes that require highly competent counsel.

We understand the significant impact that litigation can have on your company’s ability to achieve its business goals. Contact us to assess your options, contain costs, and decide on a course of conduct consistent with your company’s goals.

Commercial & Corporate Transactions

We faithfully guide our clients through every step of a contemplated transaction with expertise and sophistication. We formulate the parameters of clients’ proposed transactions, engage proper due diligence, and provide necessary guidance along the way. Involved in the process as the circumstances dictate, we negotiate letters of intent, draft deal documentation, obtain required approvals, close and attend to any post-closing matters.

Our skilled business and corporate practice handles a variety of transactions including but not limited to the following:

  • Corporate Loan Agreements & Intercompany Loans
  • Formation & Qualification of All Forms of U.S. Business Entities
  • Winding-up Companies as a Result of Liquidation or Dissolution
  • Negotiating & Drafting LLC, Partnership & Shareholders Agreements
  • Drafting By-laws & Declarations
  • Negotiating, Drafting & Closing Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Drafting License Agreements

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Regardless of the subject matter or size of the contemplated transaction, ensuring that your interests are protected is our passion. We also are mindful of our client’s budgets and strive to make every transaction as seamless and cost-effective as possible even offering contingency business law services. Contact us to begin.

Woods Lonergan PLLC helps clients with business and corporate law, litigation, joint venture, liability, tortious interference, business fraud, breach of contract, and contingency business law matters throughout NYC including the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.