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Business Contracts

Well-crafted business contracts are essential for your company and its continued growth. Protecting your interests and reaching your goals requires the skills of an experienced business contracts attorney. That’s where Woods Lonergan PLLC can assist you. 

Our business and corporate attorneys regularly negotiate and prepare business contracts for clients across several select industries throughout the Greater New York area. Well-versed in all aspects of contract and commercial law legal services, we work to ensure that business contracts are clear, precisely worded and protect our clients from potential liabilities. 

When you become our client, you will be able to engage in business transactions with confidence. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation with our business law attorneys

How Our Business Contracts Attorney Can Help

At Woods Lonergan PLLC, we recognize the value that business contracts bring to our clients and work to provide clients with a full range of contract services, including:

  • Crafting agreements to reflect their intended transactions and advance your objectives;
  • Working closely with you to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations under any contract we prepare or review;
  • Drafting clear, concise contracts that minimize the risk of disputes; 
  • Negotiation with counterparties and their counsel to close the deal.

In short, business contracts are designed to prevent business disputes by establishing parameters in clear, legally binding language that unambiguously indicate each party’s rights and obligations. We know the ins and outs of business contracts and will work to protect your financial and other interests.

Negotiating and Reviewing Business Contracts in New York 

At Woods Lonergan PLLC, we know that contract negotiation is integral to business growth. A well-conceived contract not only establishes a business relationship but also allows your business to thrive. 

By contrast, a poorly structured agreement can lead to financial losses, unnecessary costs and litigation, and damage a business’s reputation. The best way to avoid these pitfalls is to work with an accomplished business contracts attorney. 

Our legal services include protecting your business by negotiating and preparing customized and comprehensive contracts and reviewing contracts prepared by other parties so that all terms and conditions are understood, ensuring that all sides’ interests are adequately protected.

Woods Lonergan PLLC Designs A Wide Range of Business Contracts

Backed by years of experience handling commercial and corporate transactions, we bring to bear a wealth of knowledge in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating agreements that suit our clients’ objectives. We are highly experienced in handling all types of business arrangements, including:

Business Formation and Governance

Business Transactions

  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Buy-out agreements
  • Financing documents (e.g., loan agreements, security agreements, promissory notes)

Employment Matters

  • Employment agreements
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Executive compensation agreements
  • Severance agreements

Real Estate Transactions

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Leases (residential and commercial)
  • Construction contracts
  • Management contracts
  • 1031 exchange agreements (and accompanying documents)

With decades of experience in New York business and contract law, the Woods Lonergan team works to provide clients with informed representation and strategic advice. Trust us to help you navigate the process of negotiating, reviewing, and executing your business contracts. 

Key Issues in Contract Negotiations

Because contracts help define your relationships with clients, customers, employees, other companies, service providers, and suppliers, contract negotiations must be both thoughtful and strategic. Before you sign on the dotted line, our accomplished New York business contracts attorneys can help you consider key issues such as: 

  • Are the terms and conditions of the agreement clearly spelled-out?
  • Does the contract define material breach and the related penalties?
  • Does the contract provide enough flexibility to address changed circumstances?
  • Does the contract include a binding arbitration clause?
  • Does the contract include a non-compete clause or confidentiality agreement?
  • Does the contract include unfavorable terms that should be changed or removed?
  • Does the contract comply with New York law?

Ultimately, any contract must be consistent with your business strategy, and a successful transaction hinges on each party’s ability to fulfill its obligations under the agreement. For this reason, it is wise to have the trustworthy counsel that we can provide. 

New York City Commercial & Corporate Transactions Lawyers

Our business and corporate practice group faithfully guides clients through each phase of a contemplated transaction with knowledge, skill, and sophistication. We regularly handle a wide range of transactions, including but not limited to:

  • Corporate loan agreements (including intercompany loans)
  • Formation and qualification of business entities
  • Partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Secured transactions
  • Service agreements
  • Vendor agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Wind-ups (e.g., liquidations, dissolutions)

We will work with you to establish the parameters of a proposed transaction, conduct proper due diligence, and provide ongoing counsel along the way. Our business contracts attorneys negotiate letters of intent, draft deal documentation, obtain required approvals, close deals, and attend to any post-closing matters. 

Regardless of the nature or size of the contemplated transaction, ensuring that your interests are protected is our mission. Mindful of your budget, we will strive to make your transaction as seamless and cost-effective as possible. 

Why Our Business Contracts Lawyer Is Better

Our contract and commercial practice distinguish itself from other firms in the following ways:

  • Extensive Experience – We have substantial experience, over 25 years, in structuring favorable agreements for our clients; in several select business fields.
  • Entrepreneurial Approach – We understand the unique challenges and concerns of closely held businesses; and their need to be creative and act swiftly. As a result, we are able to offer you the exact type of practical advice and representation that you need to operate and grow your business.
  • Team Approach – At Woods Lonergan, we have a culture where our attorneys work together as a team. This means that, if necessary, we can quickly assemble a team of lawyers with the specialized knowledge, skills and experience that you need for your matter.

Contact Our Experienced New York Business Contracts Attorney

When you partner with Woods Lonergan, our business attorneys will work diligently to assist you in all aspects of negotiating, drafting, reviewing, and executing business contracts. Above all, we will leverage our skills and experience to protect your interests, limit your legal liability, and enable you to achieve your objectives. Contact us today to get started.

Woods Lonergan PLLC helps clients with business contracts throughout NYC including the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.