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Business Disputes

Running a business involves inherent risks, not the least of which are business disputes. When a dispute occurs, you want to promptly see if it can be diffused or resolved; however, if it rises to the level of litigation, it takes an aggressive business law attorney to protect your interests. 

At Woods Lonergan PLLC, we work with businesses across multiple industries throughout the Greater New York area to find effective and efficient solutions to business disputes. Our trial lawyers have an impressive record of success both at trial and at the bargaining table. 

Although many business disputes can, and should, be resolved through negotiated settlements, our trial-ready preparedness gives us an advantage — in and out of the courtroom. Regardless of the forum — mediation, arbitration, or litigation – you can rely on Woods Lonergan to help you achieve your objectives. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation. 

Why You Need a New York Business Disputes Attorney

Business disputes can not only disrupt operations but can also jeopardize the viability of your business. That’s where Woods Lonergan can provide you guidance. We have a proven history of helping our clients resolve all types of business disputes, including:

  • Breach of contract — A breach of contract claim may arise when one party to a contract fails to fulfill its obligations to the other party. Given the complexities of litigating contract disputes, and the fact that a dispute may turn on elements of contract formation or the interpretation of a single term in the contract, it is crucial to have the informed representation we provide.
  • Partnership disputes — Disputes among partners are commonplace, particularly regarding the control and authority over day-to-day business, the direction of the partnership, ownership interests, and financial/cash flow problems. Our business litigation group has extensive experience resolving partnership disputes through negotiation and litigation. 
  • Shareholder disputesOur firm works with small and midsized businesses to resolve shareholder disputes arising from disagreements about strategies and business decisions, fiduciary breaches, misappropriation of company funds, and other misconduct.
  • Director and officer liability — Our business litigation attorneys are well-versed in the duties of officers and directors, and the potential claims that may be brought against them for wrongdoing related to their corporate duties, such as breach of fiduciary duty, usurpation of corporate opportunities, and waste of corporate assets. Although corporate officers and directors have broad discretion to act for the business, misconduct may expose them to personal liability. We regularly advise officers and directors about their defenses and rights with respect to such claims.
  • Tortious interference — A party that unlawfully interferes with another party’s contractual or business relationships and causes financial losses or loss of business opportunity can be held liable for tortious interference. Tortious interference claims tend to arise in large-scale multi-party contracts, though are not exclusive to those contexts.
  • Customer disputes –Businesses providing goods and services to customers can face claims arising from dangerous or defective products. Product liability claims frequently form the basis of class-action lawsuits. Public-facing businesses often find themselves at risk of premises liability lawsuits when customers, vendors, or other visitors are injured on company property. 
  • Employment disputes — Workplaces in New York are governed by federal, state, and local employment laws regarding discrimination and harassment, wage and hour violations, retaliation, and wrongful termination. Our firm has extensive experience with both prosecuting and defending employment-related disputes. 

At the same time, we also provide ongoing counsel to help our business clients mitigate the risk of disputes by: 

  • Establishing well-conceived company policies and procedures.
  • Negotiating and preparing operating agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and employment agreements.
  • Crafting employee handbooks clarifying the rights and obligations of employees and the employer.
  • Obtaining releases and waivers of liability from clients, customers, and vendors.

The Woods Lonergan Difference

We are keenly aware that business disputes can be an unnecessary distraction as well as a drain on profits, which is why we work to resolve disputes through pretrial settlements. But we are always prepared to litigate to achieve the best possible outcome. 

We set ourselves apart from other business litigation practices: 

  • A Strategic Approach – We are persistent and aggressive in pursuing your objectives, yet level-headed throughout the litigation process. In our experience, a measured and calculated approach yields the best results, whether through verdict or settlement. 
  • Trial Expertise – We have a team of seasoned litigators. Our attorneys have thousands of hours of courtroom experience. We have taken many cases to trial, and we know what it takes to present a case effectively at trial. 
  • Our Experience and Reputation – We have a well-earned reputation in the courtroom to fight to the finish if needed, and we use that reputation of being prepared and willing to try the most difficult cases to verdict as a means of securing a favorable outcome short of trial. 
  • Cost Effective –No other firm offers more cost-effective representation of clients with business disputes or commercial litigation. As a result of our size and leaner structure, we can provide clients with a more reasonable billing structure. 
  • Frequent Client Communication – We strive to keep you fully informed as to the status of your case. This enables us, with your collaboration, to continually refine the strategy as the matter proceeds. This is both efficient and cost effective. You can expect regular phone calls and emails from our office. 

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Trust Woods Lonergan PLLC to help you assess and mitigate the risks of business disputes and avoid costly litigation. When legal action becomes necessary, our legal team will work strategically to protect your interests and your bottom line. Our well-earned reputation as dedicated advocates who design innovative solutions to the most complex business disputes. The skills and resources of our firm allow us to handle all types of contingency business litigation, evident in our proven history of achieving positive outcomes at the bargaining table and in the courtroom. Contact our office today to speak with an accomplished business dispute attorney.

Woods Lonergan PLLC helps clients with business disputes throughout NYC including the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.