New York City Complex Business Dispute Attorney

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A complex business dispute, if not handled by skilled counsel, may prove to be the source of significant financial and reputational losses for companies. A complex business dispute may include multiple parties and multiple venues. These disputes frequently require financial experts and an extensive review of highly technical financing, lending, insurance coverage, and tax issues. 

Those involved in complex business disputes benefit from working with an experienced litigator. At Woods Lonergan, our business dispute attorneys have developed a strong reputation for their work in complex business disputes. Our litigation attorneys are adept at managing all aspects of complex business disputes. Contact Woods Lonergan today to schedule a consultation and learn about our litigation attorneys if you’re involved in a complex business dispute. 

Types of Complex Business Dispute Cases We Handle

Virtually any business dispute can become a complex case. Still, complex civil litigation typically refers to a specific set of cases involving multiple parties. Complex business disputes frequently involve mass torts and intentional business transactions. At Woods Lonergan, our litigators bring our experience to all phases of discovery, litigation, arbitrations, and mediations. Our attorneys appear at all levels of New York state and federal courts. We have successfully represented clients in a broad range of complex business disputes, including the following:

  • Securities litigation
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Partnership/shareholder and shareholder derivatives disputes
  • Attorney ethics
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Licensing and distribution issues
  • Antitrust and unfair trade practice claims
  • Civil actions involving allegations of securities or insurance fault
  • Civil RICO violation, breach of fiduciary duty, and misappropriation cases
  • Employment litigation cases, including wrongful discharge and anti-discrimination claims
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Commercial real estate disputes

Complex Business Dispute Litigation Involving Contract Disputes

Many complex business disputes involve a breach of contract claims. A breach of conflict can result in severe financial consequences. For example, suppose your company has been financially harmed due to an anticipated breach or material breach of contract. In that case, our legal team can assist you in pursuing legal action and recovering the damages you deserve. If your company has been improperly accused of breach of contract, our firm is prepared to provide you with a compelling legal defense.

Business Disputes Involving Owners, Partners, and Shareholders

When internal disputes arise in a firm, the partnership agreements, bylaws, and formation documents will determine how the conflict must be resolved. The complex litigators at Woods Lonergancounsel corporations struggling with corporate governance shareholder rights. We also represent shareholders and company leaders asserting their rights when they’ve been violated. 

We Have the Knowledge and Resources to Manage Complex Cases

Woods Lonergan has an impressive track record in complex litigation, negotiation, and appeals. Our litigation strengths extend across the spectrum of high-value commercial and business disputes. We have a proven track record of successfully representing clients in matters involving multiple claims, jurisdictions, parties, and phases of litigation. Complex cases require extensive resources and professional connections with financial experts. You will benefit from our vast resources when you work with Woods Lonergan. 

Complex litigation involves contract interference, unfair competition, and other wrongdoing classified as business torts that require extensive investigations. They also require voluminous document review during the discovery phase. Woods Lonergan has the resources to engage in these and other resource-intensive actions in complex cases. 

Pursuing Resolution Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many businesses involved in complex litigation pursue resolution out of court to avoid the publicity, expense, and time required with litigation. Complex business disputes require extensive experience to build a strong case for the favorable resolution of complex disputes. We know how to coordinate our efforts in different forums and courts for non-trial alternative dispute resolution in multiple states. 

Our attorneys effectively pursue our client’s best interests in various arbitration tribunals and forums and in mediation. We know how to help our clients avoid the costs of drawn-out, lengthy litigation.

Our Litigators Respect Our Clients’ Needs and Goals

Every complex business dispute is unique, and our attorneys work closely to discuss our clients’ goals regarding the case’s outcome. Our attorneys work diligently to understand each case’s unique legal and factual issues. We carefully consider our clients’ goals and concerns to develop an effective legal strategy. Our attorneys balance litigation demands with our client’s business or familial constraints. When settlement is a priority, we will avoid burning bridges while pursuing solutions that resolve conflict and pursue ongoing relationships. 

When settlement isn’t possible or isn’t advisable, our trial-ready attorneys are prepared to litigate your case aggressively. We will communicate with you at every stage of the process and provide clear communication. Our team will handle every aspect of your case so you can focus on the operation of your company.

Reach Out to an Experienced Complex Business Dispute Attorney

At Woods Lonergan, we regularly offer experienced legal services to corporations, businesses, and franchises involved in complex business litigation. Our litigators are focused on achieving the best results in a timely and cost-effective manner. When you begin working with Woods Lonergan, we will start assessing your case and creating a legal strategy. We communicate succinctly and clearly with clients, understanding that they need to maintain focus on their business interests. Contact Woods Lonergan today to schedule your initial consultation.