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Mergers & Acquisitions

Businesses seeking to expand their interests through mergers and acquisitions benefit from working with an experienced business and corporate law attorney. Working with an attorney can help you avoid liability and risks associated with mergers and acquisitions. Woods Lonergan offers clients a leading mergers and acquisition practice representing buyers and sellers across many different industries.

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Our attorneys work closely with in-house counsel and senior management to develop innovative merger and acquisition solutions that protect our clients’ interests, helping them meet their goals. We are a full-service law firm and draw on our entire law firm’s strengths in securities, intellectual property, employee, and real estate experience. Contact Woods Lonergan today to schedule an initial consultation if you’re considering a merger or acquisition in New York City. 

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney

At Woods Lonergan, we focus on understanding our clients’ business goals and their risk tolerance. We present our clients with goal-oriented strategies suited for the specific merger or acquisition. Over the years, we have represented many different start-up organizations and entrepreneurs. We have assisted all of the following types of companies in mergers and acquisitions:

  •  Start of organizations
  •  Middle-market corporations
  •  Publicly traded corporations
  •  Private equity firms
  •  Nonprofit organizations 

When you choose Woods Lonergan, you will receive legal counsel during every step of the transaction. You’ll also be able to take advantage of our full-service firm, with attorneys who focus on real estate, securities, intellectual property, employee benefits, tax law, and more. 

Our Merger and Acquisition Services

Our experienced mergers and acquisitions team supports our clients throughout the entire process. We assist clients through the early stages of initiating a transaction through due diligence and tax planning. We will represent your client’s best interests. You can rely on our skilled attorneys throughout the entire process until the closing and implementation of the post-closing integration strategies. At Woods Lonergan, we advise clients seeking to purchase or sell a business in many areas, including the following:

  •  Distressed mergers and acquisitions
  •  Cross-border mergers and acquisition
  •  Acquisition financing
  •  Due diligence reviews
  •  Antitrust and competition
  •  Employee benefits and executive compensations in mergers and acquisitions
  •  ERISA issues
  •  Environmental law 
  •  Leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, and reorganization
  •  New employee onboarding
  •  Blue Sky and Federal Securities Laws
  •  Information and financing counsel
  •  Intellectual property valuation and protection
  •  Labor and employment law
  •  Private equity
  •  Tax and securities law analysis

Our Merger and Acquisition Attorneys Think Outside the Box

At Woods Lonergan, our merger and acquisition attorneys have the confidence, experience, and creativity to help you navigate the merger and acquisition process. Our legal team has decades of experience that we draw on during the merger and acquisition process. Whether it’s navigating the turnover of a board in the middle of a transaction to helping bridge the valuation gap between the seller and buyer, we will work diligently to come up with the best solution possible. Sometimes that means thinking outside of the box. Our pragmatic, focused approach allows our attorneys to give our clients solutions rather than only pinpointing and analyzing legal issues.

Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

In our global economy, the demand for cross-border mergers and acquisitions is at an all-time high. Businesses that would like to acquire or merge with an international corporation face unique challenges and need an attorney with the ability to work effectively to represent clients on local and international levels. At Woods Lonergan, we have extensive experience representing buyers and sellers in cross-border mergers and acquisitions in various industries. 

We have the resources and international contacts necessary to successfully protect your intellectual property rights, address any employment concerns, and complete post-closing integration. We have experience coordinating on aspects of mergers and acquisitions with special counsel within the U.S. and in foreign jurisdictions, when necessary. 

Private Equity

Private equity firms have industry-specific regulations that they need to abide by. They also face intense government scrutiny and the challenges of operating in a multi-faceted business environment. The mergers and acquisition team at Woods Lonergan works closely with private equity clients and their respective managers and partners in all aspects of the acquisition. We also assist clients with divestiture transactions and past acquisition integration. Our firm has represented many start-ups, growing, and mature businesses with a wide range of private capital transactions. We also provide advice to financial sponsors in the technology and growth industry transactions while organizing a variety of funds.

Distressed Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquiring or selling a distressed company is never an easy decision for investors. There may be incomplete or misleading information that can complicate the situation. This misinformation can impede a business’ growth, harming its reputation unfairly in some cases. The attorneys at Woods Lonergan assist clients throughout the entire process of buying and selling distressed and bankrupt corporations. In doing so, we minimize risks and maximize opportunities. Whatever the cost of the distress, our attorneys will work closely with our bankruptcy and finance attorneys to anticipate and address our clients’ needs. 

We will strategize and develop the best course of action. Our attorneys know how to conduct thorough due diligence investigations. We also have experience negotiating and drafting purchase agreements for distressed companies. We can evaluate any bankruptcy issues the company is having and their effect on employee rights. In some distressed mergers and acquisitions, we will need to evaluate pre-existing intellectual property and non-compete agreements. After we help our clients thoroughly assess a company’s assets, they can make better-informed decisions on buying and selling.

Discuss Your Mergers and Acquisitions Case With an NYC Attorney

Woods Lonergan has vast experience advising clients in a wide range of merger and acquisition matters. Whether you are in the first stages of considering a merger or acquisition, or you require legal assistance with an issue arising out of a merger or acquisition, our law firm is here to help you. At Woods Lonergan, we work proactively, helping our clients achieve the best resolution possible for all parties. Contact Woods Lonergan today to schedule your initial consultation. 

Woods Lonergan PLLC helps clients with mergers and acquisitions throughout NYC including the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.