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Operating a condominium or cooperative board in the New York City area comes with significant challenges. Conflicts between unit owners and the condominium association, or shareholders and the co-op board, and other disputes require the advice and counsel of an experienced condominium and cooperative lawyer. 

At Woods Lonergan PLLC, we provide comprehensive legal services to condominium associations, cooperative boards, individual unit owners, and shareholders. Well-versed in the applicable local and state laws, we work efficiently to resolve disputes and find innovative solutions for the overall benefit of all parties. 

Above all, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex legal landscape governing condominiums and cooperatives. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation. 

Representing Condominium Associations and Co-op Boards

Our firm offers a full suite of legal services to condominium associations and co-op boards, including:

  • Serving as general counsel — We advise boards about all aspects of the organization, including internal corporate documents, financing, tax issues, regulatory concerns, and third-party contracts.
  • Negotiating finance agreements — Our condominium and cooperative attorneys assist boards in negotiating the terms of commitment letters for building-wide loans and the terms and provisions of loan documents and work to ensure that their interests are protected.
  • Drafting internal corporate documents — We work with co-op boards and condominium associations to prepare internal documents governing the day-to-day operations of the complex (e.g. bylaws, proprietary leases, articles of incorporation, subscription agreements, alteration agreements, transfer tax provisions, sublet policies/agreements).
  • Negotiating and preparing vendor contracts — Our legal team has extensive experience negotiating and preparing agreements with managing companies, service providers (e.g. laundry companies, alarm and safety companies, architects, maintenance companies, and elevator companies), and other third parties.

In addition, our real estate litigation attorneys pursue and defend claims involving the co-op or condominium association, owners, and shareholders when necessary. We also advise boards on the related regulatory compliance issues such as corporate law governing co-ops, condominium law, housing laws, disabled access requirements, and environmental law. 

From forming condominium associations and establishing co-op boards to rule enforcement and dispute resolution, trust Woods Longan to provide tailored advice to your needs and objectives. 

What are the Responsibilities of the Board of Directors?

The board of directors is responsible for fulfilling its duties under the terms of the bylaws. Board members are elected by the unit owners to manage and operate the property, and the directors have an obligation to act in the best interests of the condominium association or the cooperative corporation. Although the board may assume management duties, it is common to retain a third-party management company. 

The board is responsible for collecting fees from the owners and taking legal action against owners who fail or refuse to pay. Finally, the board is often called upon to resolve community problems ranging from property damage to disputes between owners and residents.

Maintenance of a Condominium and Cooperative

Although condominium owners are responsible for repairs on their units, the board is responsible for maintaining the common areas — the building exterior, hallways and parking lots, and amenities (e.g. pools, tennis courts, boat docks). The board is also required to perform routine inspections and maintenance and make additional repairs as needed. On the other hand, co-op shareholders are not required to make repairs because they do not own units but rather shares in the corporation. 

Representing Owners and Shareholders

At Woods Lonergan, we advise condominium owners and cooperative shareholders on a wide range of matters, including:

  • Purchase and sale of condo units/co-op shares
  • Disputes with the board over bylaws, house rules, board approvals, and proprietary leases
  • Conflicts between owners and shareholders (e.g. concerning noise, nuisance, damage)
  • Disputes over common area charges and maintenance fees
  • Leaks, water damage, failure to repair
  • Disputes over allowable use of common areas
  • Alteration agreements
  • Construction/renovation plans
  • Subleasing of co-ops and condos

From financing to insurance coverage to disputes with the board, building management, or other owners or shareholders, it is essential to have the informed representation we provide. 

The Woods Lonergan Difference

We leverage our legal knowledge and negotiating skills to design innovative solutions to the legal challenges faced by condominium associations, co-op boards, owners, and investors. Our firm also represents condominium and co-op developers on matters such as land use approvals, environmental reports, engineering reports, surveys, due diligence, and closings. 

At Woods Lonergan, our real estate attorneys are known for providing trustworthy legal advice and dependable service. We work with each client individually and are readily available to respond to questions and concerns. When you partner with us, you can rest assured your interests will be protected.

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