New York City Commercial Property Disputes Attorney

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In commercial property disputes, the stakes can be extremely high, especially in a challenging real estate market. Property disputes can result in expensive and time-consuming litigation and additional legal difficulties. If you’re involved in a commercial property dispute in New York City, working with an experienced attorney is crucial to protect your rights and interests.

The attorneys at Woods Lonergan have extensive experience in a diverse range of commercial property dispute matters. Our attorneys will quickly analyze the dispute you are facing and develop an effective legal strategy with your needs and goals in line. We encourage you to contact Woods Lonergan today to schedule your initial consultation. 

Types of Commercial Property Disputes We Handle

Working with an attorney to draft a comprehensive and well-written purchase agreement can protect you or your business from unnecessary lawsuits. However, legal disputes may still arise even with the most solid contracts. 

Disputes involving commercial real estate can be expensive and involve significant legal complications. The legal team at Woods Lonergan provides experienced legal representation for small and medium-sized business and commercial real estate plans. We also represent commercial real estate disputes for regional developers at every stage, from purchase and licensing agreements to post-agreement contract disputes. 

Our commercial real estate attorneys at Woods Lonergan handle a broad range of commercial disputes for clients. We will review your case and seek time and cost-efficient resolutions in the following types of commercial disputes:

  • Disputes over contracts or sales or purchase
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Variances to local zoning ordinances
  • Easement disputes
  • Disputes involving condominium/co-op conversions and partition actions
  • Representing developers in real estate-related disputes
  • Mortgage foreclosures and collection actions
  • Construction insurance disputes
  • Contractor disputes and construction litigation
  • Zoning issues involving development projects
  • Regulatory approval and permit issues

Alternative Dispute Resolution

For many clients, avoiding real estate litigation is an important goal. Litigation is costly, and potentially detrimental to a person or company’s public image. We frequently help our clients avoid commercial litigation with sound legal planning and effective negotiation. When a settlement isn’t possible or advisable, our trial-ready attorneys are always prepared to represent our clients in court. The seasoned litigators at Woods Lonergan also have experience with mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute techniques. 

New York City Commercial Property Contract Disputes Attorneys 

Many commercial property disputes involve contractual issues. Before you enter into a contract, we will carefully review the sales and purchase agreement to ensure that you’re fully apprised of any potential red flags. We can help you negotiate the terms of the agreement to protect your interests better. 

The attorneys at Woods Lonergan also have extensive litigation experience in cases involving breach of contract. We’ve effectively represented clients in business disputes, commercial leases, brokerage disputes, and dissolution of LLCs and partnerships. Our attorneys frequently advise clients on the following issues:

  • Whether to purchase a property
  • Whether to enter into or renew a commercial lease
  • Questions involving the enforceability of lease clauses and defaults
  • Breach of contract and anticipatory breach of contract claims

New York City Commercial Lease and Sales Dispute Attorney

In commercial leasing, the commercial real estate market conditions can play a significant role in deciding how to proceed. As a commercial property owner, you may wonder whether you should terminate a lease for cause, decline to exercise an option, allow the condition to continue, or take an aggressive position to enforce your lease rights. 

Our commercial lease attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the business factors that drive commercial lease disputes. We offer our clients focused, experienced legal counsel in property dispute matters. Whether you need legal advice regarding the timing of a notice to cure, or you need to take action on a purchase and sale transaction that’s been broken, we will protect your interests. 

We understand the financial and legal considerations and will protect your best interests. Our attorneys also provide commercial tenants with effective legal representation. We will delve into the lease terms and determine the best legal strategy based on the contract language and facts. At Woods Lonergan, we represent clients in all of the following types of commercial lease and sales disputes:

  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Unauthorized tenant alterations
  • Unauthorized sublets
  • Tenant uses that violate a commercial lease term
  • Lease disputes over other violations or technical tenant defaults
  • Lease option, expansion, and extension disputes
  • Market-driven eviction actions due to technical violations
  • Yellowstone injunctions and resolution of a breach and the tenant’s curative obligations
  • Commercial mortgage foreclosure
  • Lease audit litigation
  • The specific performance or breach of contract actions in commercial property sales
  • Non-payment of rent and eviction
  • Landlord-tenant disputes

Mortgage Foreclosure

The attorneys at Woods Lonergan regularly assist clients with all aspects of commercial foreclosures, from simple to complex foreclosures. We’ve represented borrowers, banks, and other lenders in foreclosure litigation. We handle cases involving all the types of commercial mortgage foreclosure disputes, such as:

  • Mezzanine loans
  • Major commercial properties
  • Multiple clients
  • Liquidating apartment, office, and industrial complexes
  • Development project foreclosures
  • Condominium and cooperative unit foreclosures

Construction and Development Disputes

The commercial dispute attorneys at Woods Lonergan advise numerous construction industry clients. We regularly represent general contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers, and lenders on various development and construction litigation matters. Whether you’re facing a straightforward payment dispute or highly complex matters involving substantial defects in commercial property, our attorneys will strongly advocate for you.

Discuss Your Commercial Property DIspute with an Experienced Attorney

The attorneys at Woods Lonergan frequently handle complex property disputes and litigation throughout the New York City metropolitan area. If you are involved in a dispute or you anticipate a legal issue arising, it’s crucial that you discuss your case with a skilled attorney as soon as possible. After evaluating your case, we will aggressively pursue the best outcome possible. Contact the New York City litigation attorneys at Woods Lonergan today to schedule your initial consultation.