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Hotel Hospitality Law

New York City has one of the largest hotel hospitality industries. New York City is home to approximately 670 individual hotels with nearly 122,000 rooms. Hotel owners in New York City need to provide their customers with an excellent experience. Additionally, hotel owners must remain in compliance with all of the numerous federal and state regulations. 

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If you are a hotel owner in New York City, working with an experienced business law attorney knowledgeable in hotel hospitality law can help you protect your business. At Woods Lonergan PLLC, we are a full-service law firm that can effectively handle nearly any type of legal matter faced by a hotel owner. Our hotel hospitality attorneys can help you comply with all applicable regulations, protect your intellectual property, and handle any potential litigation. Contact Woods Lonergan PLLC today to schedule your initial consultation to learn more about our legal services.

Hotel Sales and Acquisitions

Woods Lonergan PLLC Has extensive experience representing New York City hotels and resorts with complex and sophisticated real estate acquisition transactions. If you are considering selling your hotel or acquiring property, we will manage the process from start to finish. Our skilled real estate attorneys will handle the transaction planning process, strategy, due diligence, negotiation, and financing. We can also manage the execution of the closing and post-closing activities on your behalf.

Retail Estate Litigation, Transactions, and REITs

The hotel hospitality industry is vulnerable to several different real estate disputes that can end in expensive litigation. Our attorneys can help you prevent litigation. However, if you find yourself in litigation, our trial-ready attorneys will assertively defend you in court and during the pre-court process. Our litigators can handle a wide range of cases involving the following legal issues:

  • Title and leasing
  • Local transactions
  • Financing concerns
  • Title insurance claims
  • Real estate investment
  • Lien and ownership priority
  • Mechanics lien rights
  • Easements
  • Structured debt financing
  • Joint ventures
  • Strategic transactions
  • Corporate, tax, and partnership matters

Corporate Counsel for NYC Hotel Owners

At Woods Lonergan PLLC, our hospitality attorneys routinely advise hotel clients in connection to their day-to-day operations. Working with an experienced attorney can help you see the big picture and review the smaller details related to your day-to-day operation. Our corporate lawyers provide effective legal counsel on all of the following issues that hotel owners commonly experience, including:

  • Legal entity formation
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financing and leasing
  • Licensing
  • Regulatory matters
  • Hotel management agreements (HMAs)

Commercial and Business Litigation

At Woods Lonergan PLLC, our business litigators have extensive experience in the hospitality industry. We have successfully represented numerous hotels in New York City. We’ve defended hotel, resort, and restaurant clients in many different types of cases involving vendor and contract disputes

We’ve also represented clients in customer infringement matters, supply and service claims, and employee contractual issues. If you are involved in litigation, or you anticipate being involved in litigation, we recommend reaching out to one of our experienced attorneys as soon as possible. Our trial-ready hotel attorneys are prepared to vigorously represent you in litigation, advocating for the best outcome possible.

Employee Relations and Litigation in the Hotel Industry

The hotel hospitality industry depends on efficient and well-trained service staff. Hospitality businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and copy shops open their doors to the public, carrying a significant risk. It only takes one personal injury lawsuit to cause substantial financial hardship for a hospitality business. Hotel owners must comply with numerous federal and state laws, including the following:

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Sexual harassment laws
  • Wage and hour regulations
  • Anti-discrimination laws, including tipping and minimum wage 
  • The New York State Human Rights Law
  • The New York City Human Rights Law

At Woods Lonergan PLLC, we understand how difficult it is for business owners to manage their businesses effectively while complying with multiple regulations. Those in the hotel hospitality industry face unique challenges and will likely experience many employment, workforce management, and labor issues. As a business owner in the hospitality industry, you do not need to go through complying with state and federal laws on your own.

The hotel hospitality attorneys at Woods Lonergan PLLC have an extensive compliance program. We can assist you in reviewing whether you comply with all the relevant laws before you become subject to a lawsuit. One of our skilled attorneys can review your pay practices and help you navigate health care and health benefit updates, drawing on our deep industry knowledge. We also utilize benchmarking data to help you promote safe, productive, and compliant working environments.

Taking the time to implement a compliance program and review your business practices can help you prevent devastating sexual harassment, wage and hour, or other types of lawsuits. One of our skilled attorneys will review your business practices and assist you in implementing policies, handbooks, and employee training programs. 

We will tailor these programs to the best practices and preventive strategies for your unique business. After reviewing your business practices, we will meet with you to discuss any areas that raise red flags. We will work with you to create a strategy to address these areas so you can protect your business and your staff.

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The hotel hospitality attorneys at Woods Lonergan PLLC have extensive experience ranging from assisting in developing new hotels, real estate acquisition, employee disputes, and other business and litigation matters. Whatever legal issue you are facing as a hotel owner, our law firm is here to help. We can also help you evaluate your hotel business to ensure that you comply with all of the relevant regulations. Contact Woods Lonergan PLLC today to schedule your initial consultation.

Woods Lonergan PLLC helps clients with hotel hospitality law throughout NYC including the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.