Business Fraud Attorneys in New York

Business Fraud can take many forms. Hardly a day goes by where we don’t hear news stories about identity theft, investors being defrauded, or misappropriation of funds. In the broadest terms, a fraud occurs when someone intentionally deceives others for personal gain. The claim is a serious one and it carries the potential for punitive damages and non-monetary remedies.

Many times business fraud is extremely harmful. Losing your personal or business assets as a result of fraud can be devastating. Business fraud cases often can involve multiple people and complicated schemes aimed at deceiving the public, investigators, auditors and others. Whether you are dealing with corporate fraud or commercial fraud, we can step in and fight to protect your interests.

Fraud claims are typically defeated when a party is unable to state with particularity the conduct constituting the fraud. Woods Lonergan PLLC has successfully represented clients on both sides of a fraud allegation, and understands the dedication and pursuit required to prove and defeat complex and sensitive frauds.

We provide the following legal services in matters involving Business Fraud: • Insurance fraud
• Financial services fraud
• Business fraud
• Tax fraud
• Embezzlement
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