New York City Commercial Litigation Lawyer

New York City Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Navigating commercial litigation requires the skill of a complex litigation attorney.

At Woods Lonergan PLLC, our team of dedicated commercial litigation attorneys in NYC is well-versed in handling a broad spectrum of business disputes, from contract disputes to securities litigation and more.

With a proven track record of success, we provide top-tier legal services to businesses and individuals facing complex legal challenges in New York state and federal courts.

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Comprehensive Legal Representation in Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation encompasses a wide range of disputes that can arise in the business world. At Woods Lonergan PLLC, we understand the intricacies of this area of the law and are committed to delivering effective solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our attorneys are adept at managing cases that involve multiple parties, intricate legal issues, and substantial financial stakes.

Types of Complex Business Dispute Cases We Handle

Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in a variety of complex business disputes. 

Our NYC complex commercial litigation attorneys handle cases involving the following.

  • Securities litigation. We handle securities fraud, insider trading, and regulatory compliance disputes. Our attorneys have the expertise to navigate the complex securities regulations and protect your financial interests.
  • Breach of contract claims. Our attorneys assist you in pursuing or defending against breach of contract claims. We meticulously analyze contract terms and work to resolve disputes efficiently.
  • Partnership/shareholder and shareholder derivatives disputes. We strive to protect your rights and ensure fair treatment within the business entity by resolving conflicts among business partners or shareholders, including derivative actions.
  • Attorney ethics. Our team understands the unique challenges of the legal profession and provides robust defense strategies for lawyers facing claims of ethical violations.
  • Mergers and acquisitions. We help facilitate smooth business transitions and navigate disputes arising from mergers, acquisitions, and other business transactions.
  • Licensing and distribution issues. Our attorneys help safeguard your intellectual property and commercial interests by addressing disputes concerning licensing agreements and distribution rights. 
  • Antitrust and unfair trade practice claims. We help to protect all businesses from unlawful competition and ensure compliance with antitrust laws by handling allegations of anti-competitive behavior and unfair trade practices.
  • Civil actions involving allegations of securities or insurance fault. Our firm represents clients in complex civil litigation cases and provides comprehensive legal support in cases involving securities or insurance disputes.
  • Civil RICO violation, breach of fiduciary duty, and misappropriation cases. We are committed to protecting your business from fraudulent activities when someone is accused of severe racketeering allegations, fiduciary breaches, and misappropriation.
  • Employment litigation cases, including wrongful discharge and anti-discrimination claims. We represent clients in employment-related disputes, advocate for fair treatment in the workplace, and defend against unjust claims.
  • Whistleblower claims. We help uphold a worker’s right to expose unlawful workplace activities by advocating for whistleblowers facing retaliation.
  • Commercial real estate disputes. Our team handles disputes efficiently to protect your real estate investments.
  • Complex business dispute litigation involving contract disputes. Many complex business disputes involve breach of contract claims, which can lead to significant financial consequences. 

Whether your company has suffered financial harm due to an anticipated breach or is defending against such allegations, our NYC commercial litigation lawyers are here to help.

We will diligently pursue legal action and recover the damages you deserve. Our team is prepared to mount a compelling defense if someone accuses your business of breaching a contract.

Our Approach to Commercial Litigation

At Woods Lonergan PLLC, we believe that effective commercial litigation requires a proactive and strategic approach. 

Thorough Analysis and Vigorous Representation

Our New York commercial litigation attorneys prioritize understanding your business objectives and crafting tailored legal strategies to achieve those goals. We are committed to a thorough case analysis, comprehensively analyzing each case to identify key issues and develop a robust legal strategy. Our attorneys delve deep into the specifics of your case, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Known for their tenacity and willingness to fight vigorously on behalf of our clients, our attorneys provide aggressive representation dedicated to protecting your business interests and achieving favorable outcomes.

Strategic Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Our skilled NYC complex commercial litigation attorneys also recognize the value of resolving disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration when appropriate. These methods can save time and resources while still achieving effective resolutions. 


Furthermore, we prioritize client-centered service, emphasizing clear communication and collaboration. Each commercial litigation case is unique, which is why our firm believes in creating customized legal strategies for each client based on their goals.

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, we tailor our approach to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective legal representation, ensuring that your interests are protected at every stage of the litigation process.

Why Choose Woods Lonergan PLLC for Your Commercial Litigation Needs?

Choosing the right legal representation is critical in complex commercial litigation cases. 

Our NYC commercial litigation law firm stands out for several reasons.

  • Experience. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling high-stakes commercial litigation. We have successfully represented clients in numerous industries, gaining valuable insights and expertise.
  • Knowledge. We possess deep knowledge of commercial law and have successfully represented clients in a wide range of industries. Our attorneys stay updated on the latest legal developments to provide the best possible representation.
  • Results-oriented. Our focus is on achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, whether through litigation, settlement, or alternative dispute resolution. 
  • Reputation. We have built a strong reputation for excellence in the legal community, reflected in our numerous successful cases and satisfied clients. Our commitment to high ethical standards and professional integrity sets us apart.

You can benefit from our long history of success by contacting us today.

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If you are facing a complex business dispute, it is essential to have a skilled commercial litigation attorney in NYC on your side. At Woods Lonergan PLLC, we have over three decades of experience obtaining successful results for our clients.

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