Mother and son frustrated at the loud noise from a neighbor

My neighbor plays his music really loud and with lots of bass. What can I do?

By James Woods
Managing Partner

If you have already tried a friendly chat with your neighbor with no success, your next step should be reaching out to the landlord, our experts say.

As a renter, installing soundproofing in the ceiling is probably not an option for you, since your lease likely forbids you from making significant changes to your apartment. And while noise and vibration can come with the territory when you live in a New York City apartment, there are levels at which the racket crosses a line. Under the city’s warranty of habitability, both apartment owners and renters are guaranteed safe and livable apartments, which includes sufficient peace and quiet to function in your home. 

“If reasoning with your neighbor to turn down his loud music doesn’t get you anywhere, your next best option, outside of going to court, might be to ask building management or your landlord to intervene,” says Lauren Tobin, an attorney with Woods Lonergan PLLC (a Brick sponsor).

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