Our key objective is to provide clients skilled, efficient, and cost-effective legal representation for all their business and corporate needs.

Founded in 1993 by Managing Partner James F. Woods, the firm has built a strong reputation as a resourceful and industrious firm that provides clients with clear, concise, and straightforward answers to their most challenging legal issues. Partner Lawrence R. Lonergan, who joined the firm in 2008, has been a friend and colleague to Mr. Woods for over 40 years and shares the same business philosophy.

Woods Lonergan PLLC’s collective experience and expertise enables the firm to expeditiously and effectively analyze the increasing challenges clients face in an evolving business and legal world, in many instances, avoiding unnecessary time and expense to our clients.

What differentiates us from other firms is our team of seasoned attorneys and skilled support staff. In order to provide the highest quality services, Woods Lonergan PLLC seeks out and develops talented attorneys with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and skills. To help them thrive and succeed, we have cultivated a work environment based on mutual support, respect, teamwork and collegiality – all in furtherance of our commitment to help our clients succeed.

We enjoy a strong record of taking on and winning complex matters and negotiations in diverse circumstances and industries. Coupling our decades of experience with innovative sophistication has enabled us to successfully litigate and negotiate thousands of matters against the largest and most successful firms in New York with outstanding results for our clients.

We routinely serve:

  • Companies in Real Estate, Insurance, Manufacturing and Retail Sectors;
  • Cooperative and Condominium Boards;
  • Real Estate Developers and Contractors;
  • Commercial and Residential Landlords; and
  • Other Investors & Business Interests.

Please contact us for further information about the firm, our services, and fee structure.
We look forward to contributing to your success.